Buxus Sempervirens (Box) Ball 30cm Diameter, BEST QUALITY!

Buxus Sempervirens (Box) Ball 30cm Diameter, BEST QUALITY!


Hardy slow-growing evergreen shrub which lends itself to topiary due to its small foliage and slow growth rate.

Some boxes balls & cones can be grown in the ground and then pushed into a pot, which means the roots have been disturbed and the plant is not as good quality.

These plants from Belgium are grown in the pots all their lives and come from the best grower in Europe

Slightly more expensive than other box balls, but worth it!

Plant Fact File:

Pot Size: 5 litres
Main flower colour: Green
Height now: 30cm
Spread now: 30cm
Mature height: Depends on pruning regime
Mature spread: Depends on pruning regime
Season of interest: All year
Foliage type: Evergreen
Fragrant: No
Growth rate: Slow
Hardiness: Hardy
Aspect: Shade, partial-shade
Soil pH: Neutral
Soil type: General
Feed: Buxus feed