Araucaria ‘Monkey Puzzle Tree’

Araucaria ‘Monkey Puzzle Tree’


Araucaria are evergreen trees from the Southern Hemisphere, with whorled branches bearing spirally arranged leaves that may be needle-like, triangular or scale-like, and small male, and large female cones, usually on separate trees.

Monkey Puzzle is a  stately evergreen tree with branches clothed in sharply pointed, triangular dark green leaves. Mature plants may bear cones on the upper branches, male and female usually on separate trees.

How to grow

Cultivation – Grow in moderately fertile, moist but well drained soil in an open site with shelter from cold, drying winds

Propagation – Propagate by seed sown in seedbed as soon as ripe; take cuttings of vertical shoot tips in midsummer and root in a cold frame; cuttings of horizontal side branches will not form an upright tree

Suggested planting locations and garden types – Architectural

How to care

Pruning – Pruning group 1; only young specimens respond well to pruning back into older wood

Pests – Generally pest free

Diseases – Honey fungus may be a problem

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